Independent Stance, Positive Impact

The word Verito is derived from the Latin word ‘Veritas’, which means truth. Here, at Verito Media we follow Verity – verity in thoughts, actions and thereby results. An independent & apolitical media house, we stick to truth, for gaining people’s trust is paramount to us. We are not just news disseminators but are catalysts with right blend of National and Regional aspirations.

Our Objective

To be the most trustworthy media organisation; disseminating accurate information; providing compelling visual products and services; and developing a strong base of patrons through our creativity and reliability.

Our Vision

To be the most reliable, respected and successful media organisation that provides the best of services, infotainment aided and carried out by skilled manpower and smart technology.

Our Mission

To achieve our objectives with all honesty and integrity towards our clients, readers, viewers and communities around the world.